Eva Moskowitz and the Success of Her Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and the current CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools located in New York. Most of Eva Moskowitz work is primarily based around the education sector. Apart from starting the Success Academy Charter Schools, she has also worked with the Harlem Education Fair, the New York City Charter School Centre, the StudentsFirstNY, and the Great Public Schools PAC. Apart from this, Eva is an author and his contribution in this field can be seen on her charter book titled Mission Possible.

Just recently, Eva Moskowitz published a video online about herself and what motivated her to start the Success Academy Charter Schools. In the video published online, Eva talks about the importance of doing things differently when it comes to starting schools for education purposes. She talks about the importance of including aesthetics and financial solving. By doing this, Eva Moskowitz believes that it will be easy for students to learn faster and understand the concept of what is being taught.

Success Academy Charter Schools was founded in the year 2006. In over a decade, and under the leadership of Eva, the school ranks as being the largest, as well as the highest-performing free public charter school in New York. The Success Academy Charter Schools currently has 46 schools which are used by over 15,500 students. The schools are located in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Unlike in other schools where children are admitted based on their grades and performance, Success Academy Charter Schools admits its students based on a lottery draw which is held each year on April. The good thing about the school is the fact that it admits all manner of students even those with special needs.

The success and constant growth of the school have been attributed to the experience of Eva Moskowitz, and it is not difficult to see why. Eva is an experienced teacher, an elected official, college professor, and a public school parent.