Bringing Back Democracy: Citizens United

After the candidates had been finally presented, it was not hard to realize that it was going to be a different election campaign in the United States.


On January 20, the Supreme Court issued the judgment in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a case of freedom of expression, interpretation of the first amendment. What the US Constitution says – in what matters to us – is that Congress cannot enact laws that restrict freedom of expression or printing. Adopted in December 1791, the First Amendment is one of the fundamental pieces of American Constitutional Law. From the less than fifty words contained in it, the Supreme Court of the United States has known how to construct a doctrine that guarantees fundamental civil liberties, especially religious freedoms, the press, association, and expression.


The open texture of the First Amendment of the American Constitution is evident in the abstract nature of its tenor. Like the most important constitutional provisions, it guarantees the “right” to freedom of expression but does not specify the dimensions of it. It is, therefore, necessary to resort to constitutional interpretation to determine their scope.


By The People, For The People


In Citizens, the US Supreme Court offers an absolutist view of the First Amendment of the Constitution that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money independently to support or oppose candidates for office. In


Which claims to be a firm defense of the “freedom of expression” enshrined in the First Amendment, the Supreme Court gives carte blanche to the deregulation of election campaign financing, allowing opaque contributions from companies, without limitation no type.


The model of financing of the electoral campaigns in the United States has two characteristics that particularize it. The first is that the rules that regulate it apply mainly to the candidates and not to the political parties to which they belong, and the second, that although there are sources of public and private funding, the latter are the main source of the candidates’ income.


Getting in line


Citizens United, argues that Americans deserve to be sure that large corporations in their country are not using foreign shareholders’ money to influence the country’s elections. It also calls on state and federal lawmakers to ensure that large corporations are not being used as a front to allow foreign money to filter into US elections. The FEC is the state control body that has the task of ensuring that the elections are fair but is paralyzed as the three Democratic members and the three Republicans are in a partisan clash.


With a clear mission to combat big money in Politics, End Citizens United aims to trigger the reforms that will make the United States the synonym of freedom once again.




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How to Create Flawless Looks With Donald Scott NYC Staight Razors

Donald Scott NYC straight razors are versatile tools that not only produces a close shave but also a great haircut. Flawless looks can be created with ease when these razors are used. In order to achieve the perfect spiky, shaved, or textured haircut it is important to follow a few simple steps.


A straight razor by Donald Scott NYC should only be used on wet hair. Applying one of these styling tools to dry hair will result in jagged edges. Even if the damage cannot be easily spotted, it will become noticeable as the hair grows. Wet hair helps straight razors glide easily which will result in a more professional look.


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How to Maintain your Hair Using WEN by Chaz Hair Care Products

Women cherish their hair as far as beauty is concerned. However, maintaining your hair clean and strong can be difficult, especially if you are using the wrong hair products and maintenance strategies. The following tips are essential in maintaining your hair.

  1. Wash your Hair At Least Thrice a Week

According to hair experts, the best way to maintain your hair is by washing it three times a week. Washing removes dirt and dandruff that may have stuck in your scalp.

  1. Apply Shampoo When Cleaning Your Scalp

The good news about hair care products is that there are those designed to eradicate dandruff and moisten the hair. It is advisable to use shampoo when washing your hair. Apply this product on your scalp to remove dandruff. However, avoid exposing your hair to hot water when using shampoo.

  1. Use a Dry Towel before Applying a Hair Conditioner

Shampoos are used for washing the hair while conditioners are used after washing and towel drying your hair. Use Wen Cleansing Conditioners to moisturize your hair.

  1. Comb your Hair from Bottom up Twice a Day

Combing through your hair is one of the effective ways of straightening your hair and removing dead hair from your scalp. However, you should ensure that your hair is moist enough and use a clean comb when brushing.

About WEN By Chaz Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean founded WEN Line of Hair care products to address the needs of women. The products incorporate a revolutionary approach when it comes to maintaining the hair without exposing it to harsh chemicals. WEN Chaz’s flagship product is known as Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. This QVC endorsed product is an alternative to leave-in conditioners, deep conditioners, and shampoos that women use. The product has five hair care treatments that enabled you to have moist and strong hair.

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