Securus Technologies Is Working To Help Inmates and Workers Of The Jail Systems

Leading civil and criminal justice provider of the technology used in the safety of those in public, investigative leads and monitoring is creating new and improved ways to help prevent crimes within the jails and to also prevent the crimes that one inmate conducts on another.


Through various emails and letters sent to Securus Technologies each year, the vast majority of those are aimed at trying to find ways to improve the safety of others inside the jail system. Those individuals who need protection are not just the people who work there but also the people who are serving time, no matter how much time they have to serve.


In all the letters that Securus Technologies receives each year, the letters are from various states but they all can agree on one thing, Securus is the way to go when trying to find a way to eliminate or cut back on the violence occurring in the jails.


The people who work for Securus gather each week to sit down and discuss the new ideas they have for new ways to protect, to update the programs and such already established and to just go over anything new that they have come across. Building from the safety of those who are in the jail houses, Securus is always improving not only how those on the inside are protected but also those on the outside. The whole thing is something that they feel very strongly about and they hope to one day find a way to eliminate all violence within the jail house walls.


Not only are they trying to establish a way to prevent the violence, they are also working on a way to eliminate the contraband that is on the inside of the jails. They have created a solution for the phones that are snuck into the jail by using a cell phone jammer to block signals from cell providers while inside the walls of the jails.


How Securus Technologies Reduces Prison Violence

When I am working at the local jail as a prison officer, priority one is safety with me, my officers, and the inmates. The struggle to keep everyone safe is real, and each year the overcrowded conditions in our facility make it hard for officers to maintain a degree of order. As more violent prisoners are sent to our facility, we have to make use of a number of resources to try and keep a degree of order.


Limiting the amount of drugs in our prison can help keep the inmates in order, but this is easier said than done. The inmates have all the time in the world to find weaknesses in the jail they can exploit to get the contraband that they need. To combat the problem, the first thing we do is monitor all the activity inside the inmate and visitor center. By searching guests before they get to meet the inmates, we can remove contraband before it becomes a part of our prison. We even check the inmates before they go back to their cells, trying to reduce the flow of drugs.


Securus Technologies was the key to our prison being able to finally get back order. Securus Technologies manufactures inmate call monitoring systems, and they can automatically scan every call the inmates are making and detect unique chatter without an officer having to stand there to run the system. What used to take half a dozen officers is now down by the LBS software. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and the company currently employs over one thousand workers.


To give an example as to how effective this new system is, now if an inmate talks about fighting, drugs, weapons, gangs, or getting contraband, we get the instant alert and take action so we can get back control and keep everyone safe.