RocNation: The Label Built By Jay-Z And Desiree Perez

The RocNation record label and entertainment agency has grown since its launch in 2008 to become one of the leading companies in the show business arena in the U.S. and around the world. In general terms, the success of the entertainment brand has been placed firmly at the doorstep of entrepreneur and rapper, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter; however, for many entertainment industry experts the influence of Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Perez should be given at least as much importance as the input of the husband of Beyonce.

Not only did Desiree Perez negotiate the $100 million, ten-year contract with Live Nation to create the RocNation recording label, she was instrumental in developing link-ups with the mobile communications giant, Sprint, and electronics group, Samsung on behalf of the RocNation label and the many artists working with the brand. For many entertainment industry experts, the work of Desiree Perez has not only changed the face of the music industry with the launch of the RocNation brand but also created a new template for creating a profitable tour through many corporate partnerships to cover the costs of staging live events. Creating the deal which gave Samsung naming rights over the world tour of Rihanna for an estimated $25 million is now the template for all RocNation artists and musical artists with other labels, and

Even Jay-Z seems to have been impressed with the corporate skills of Desiree Perez and gave her the task of forming a corporate partnership for his own “4:44” tour which was eventually sponsored by the sportswear giant, Puma. By the close of the tour, the RocNation label announced the “4:44” tour was 21 percent more successful than 2013’s “Magna Carter” tour due largely to the work of Desiree Perez.

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The Success of Desiree Perez in the Music and Entertainment Industry

The entertainment and global music industry is considered to be very huge. The revenues for the sector were approximately $17.2 billion in 2016 alone. The industry is also very competitive whereby slackers are never allowed to thrive. Although the roles of leadership in this industry are male-dominated, hard-driving women like Desiree Perez has managed to succeed in this sector. Desiree Perez is an entrepreneur, producer as well as talent manager. According to Des Perez, the face of the music and entertainment industry is not changing as quick as expected. Desiree Perez is known to be among an exclusive circle when it comes to the movers and shakers of the industry. She is behind the success of many big stars such as Jay-Z and her Linkedin.

Desiree Perez has for the last 22 years been pushing the business interests of Jay-Z and has managed to make the Carter Empire a success. The Carter Empire has many different corporate entities which handles various opportunity niches from music production to talent development as well as concert tour management. Des Perez has always been and still is the part of the whole frenzy and optimizes profits for the empire together with its investors. Des Perez has managed to play a key role in assisting Jay-Z evolve from a normal rapper to a popular business mogul. She has been involved with ROC Nation, SC Enterprises as well as other Shawn Carter business ventures and what Dez Perez knows.

Together with husband Juan Perez, Des Perez are said to be part of the popular Hova Circle of Influence. This is a collective of investors and influencers who are involved in the entertainment and music industry. When it comes to business opportunities, Des Perez always exudes charisma, confidence as well as a no-nonsense attitude. Des Perez managed to negotiate the Samsung Collaboration that promoted the Anti tour of Rihanna which was worth $25 million.

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