Wen Conditioning Cleanser Does Wonders For One Woman’s Hair According To Bustle

Bustle magazine recently published an article about the shampoo free Wen hair cleansing product. One woman made the decision to purchase the Wen product from Sephora and put it to the test. Her findings were remarkable and honestly portrayed in the article. Below is an account of her one week trial of the Wen hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean.

She has seen the Wen commercials and seen all of the advertisements on Twitter about the product but she did not know what all the fuss was really about. Her hair was long and manageable but nothing special. She always wore it clean and neat. Her job required her to dress up and go out occasionally so she really wanted her hair to look good without a lot of fuss. Chaz advertised that his Wen product could repair hair and give hair back the bounce and shine that regular shampoo had taken from it. This sounded like a challenge so why not?

She purchased the Wen cleansing conditioner and made her way home. The product was a little more expensive than her regular shampoo but she did not have to purchase both shampoo and conditioner products. Opening the product she noticed a clean light scent. She could not wait to begin her one week trial.

During her shower, she realized that she had to use quite a bit of product to get her hair clean. Her shampoo use to leave her hair full of lather but this one did not. Ten to sixteen pumps of product, apply to the scalp, and scrub was all the act required of her. After a quick and thorough rinse, she wrapped her hair in a towel. She dried her hair and quickly noticed her hair looked thicker. The smell was intoxicating but clean. She could not wait for everyone to see her hair. She did this every day for a week. Everyone was remarking on how great her hair looked. She thought, maybe I will use this along with my other shampoo and continue to include Wen in my routine hair care.