Dick Devos

From a respected family with a long history of leading business, Betsy and Dick Devos of Grand Rapids, MI. have been changing policies and laws in government and education, are they known for their position and donations to the GOP party. They gave $12.5 million to the construction of Spectrum Health System named after his mother and a variety of other tremendous philanthropic gifts from the Devos Family Foundation. Throughout their lives and careers, which began with Dick Devos’s father, Richard, who founded Amway over six decades ago. This multimillion-dollar networking business opened the door for Dick to successfully lead institutions and found new businesses and policies.


As direct heirs of the family business and fortune, the Devos’s have donated millions of dollars to specific organizations and political entities. Dick Devos was CEO of the Amway Center from 1993-2002, which essentially established him in the Michigan businessman’s community. He is a very strategic businessman, and his reputation has continued to grow as he and his wife stepped out into the political arena. Between the years of 1989-2015, the Family Foundation gave almost $140 million in philanthropic gifts.


In 1991, when Devos was about to take the position of http://dickdevos.com/news/CEO at Amway, a proposal emerged from a group of businessmen who wanted to build a convention center and sports arena north of downtown Grand Rapids. Dick Devos did not agree with this new construction, and he lobbied against it, convincing the local government not to accept the proposition. Not long afterward, Dick Devos became president of the Amway Corp. as his father stepped down. He is now CEO of his own firm, The Windquest Group, which is a holding company for several businesses that are Grand Rapids-based including The Stow Company, Coppercraft Distillery, and Boxed Water is Better.


Dick Devos has certainly inherited his father’s good business sense, and it flows through the Devos family. Dick Devos, at 60 years old, is recognized as a significant businessman and philanthropist in Michigan. As loyal supporters in the Republican party, Betsy Devos became secretary of the U.S. Department of Education during the Trump administration, and she finds herself in Washington DC much of the time. Learn more: http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/


DeVos is the co-founder, along with his wife, of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, and they support education enthusiastically. Dick DeVos is licensed to fly private planes and helicopters, and The Academy is a charter school on the Grand Rapids airport property that prepares students for careers in aviation.


This year, 2018, Dick was elected to serve on the FAA Management Advisory Council of Ford Airport. In a statement released to the press, he was acknowledged to be a tremendous asset to the agency because of his aviation experience as a pilot, his strong leadership skills and insight to aviation. The council was formed to advise the FAA on many areas including management, spending, regulatory matters and policy. Dick Devos will be a valuable addition to this team of 13 members.