Daniel Taub achievements as a diplomat

Daniel Taub is a former diplomat representing Israel in the United Kingdom. He is regarded as the best performing diplomat on the history of the two countries. Daniel Taub served in the office of the ambassador for four years. He served between 2011 and 2015. In the four years, his accomplishments speak for themselves. As a diplomat, his work was to strengthen the ties between the two countries. He did this job diligently and at no time during his tenure did there be diplomatic constraints between two countries. He managed to keep the two countries together by ensuring that there was mutual cooperation all the time.



Daniel Taub who is a trained international lawyer specializing in counter-terrorism has played a key role in the country. He has been to various offices representing his country. He has been appointed to the positions of legal offices and diplomatic offices as well. In all the position he has been appointed to, he has performed very well. He is proud to have represented his country in London which was a great honor. His performance in the office of the ambassador is something that even the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom acknowledge and appreciate. He worked very hard to ensure that his country Israel benefited from the partnership.



Daniel Taub biggest achievement in the country is said to be the ability to strengthen the trade ties between the two countries. He made sure that the relations between the United Kingdom and Israel achieved something big. Daniel Taub made sure that trade between these two countries improved. His term in office saw the trade jump to over $7 billion annually. There was a great improvement from where the trades was before he joined office. According to the secretary of business in the United Kingdom, the achievements achieved under the tenure of Daniel Taub marks a new beginning in the relations of the two countries. It is a golden era that has been ushered. Going into the future the relationship is likely to lead to a deeper cooperation.



Daniel Taub contributions to the relationship between these two countries deserve commendation. He managed to do what many others struggled to do. Daniel Taub is an epitome of a diplomat who understands his role and worked very hard to accomplish them. He represented his country in the best way possible. Daniel Taub left office in 2015 and is now a strategy and planning director in foundation based in Jerusalem.


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