Fabletics Rises as The Comfort Brand

Fabletics is what everyone is talking about. this company may seem like it is new to some customers, but Kate Hudson has been pounding the pavement with the Fabletics brand for several years. It started as a eCommerce site, but Kate has been pounding the brick-and-mortar territory for the Fabletics brand. She knows that the best way to get customers to talk about her brand is to have physical stores. People that are looking for athletic clothes for working out are going to want to try clothes on. This is what Hudson has realized over the years, and she has been doing what it takes to get more stores in place for these types of shoppers. In the next five years Kate plans to open as many as 100 of the Fabletics stores. This is a big deal for someone that currently only has about 10 different stores for the Fabletics brand.



Alot of people are going to be impressed with the Fabletics brand in the way that it has taken a sharp turn as the leader of athletic clothing for women. There definitely are a lot of options for women to consider when they are looking at athletic clothing, but Kate Hudson has put her stamp on the outlet clothing industry.


With the Fabletics brand Kate has proven that there is a demand for this type of athleisure wear. This clothing is definitely a lot more convenient than the athletic clothing of the past. People are getting a feel for clothing that is easy to workout in because it is comfortable. There are a lot of people that want this type of comfort because it caters to a new environment of people that run errands and engage in physical activity when they are done running errands for the day.


Women that are out and about have do not have any desire to pack a bag and change clothes when they come to the gym. What the people have realized is that Kate Hudson has presented with comfortable options that make it much easier for them to work out in the same clothes that they may have been wearing earlier in the day.


Fabletics is the brand that has provided convenience for females that would like to see greater level of comfort in the clothing that purchase. Kate has been clear in defining her brand as one that is comfortable.