How to Create Flawless Looks With Donald Scott NYC Staight Razors

Donald Scott NYC straight razors are versatile tools that not only produces a close shave but also a great haircut. Flawless looks can be created with ease when these razors are used. In order to achieve the perfect spiky, shaved, or textured haircut it is important to follow a few simple steps.


A straight razor by Donald Scott NYC should only be used on wet hair. Applying one of these styling tools to dry hair will result in jagged edges. Even if the damage cannot be easily spotted, it will become noticeable as the hair grows. Wet hair helps straight razors glide easily which will result in a more professional look.


A flawless haircut can also be used by moving the Donald Scott NYC styling tool gracefully before it even reaches the hair. Jaggedness will be eliminated when the proper motion is applied right away. Waiting until the razor touches hair before moving it around can create an uneven section which can be hard to fix.


It is important to take care of straight razors. Blades should be changed regularly since the effect that the razor produces diminishes after a few haircuts. Guards can be used for safety to prevent nicks.